OVERTIME: MEN AT WORK in Minneapolis

An original piece I co-wrote/directed with artistic partner Jonathan Beller is being remounted and further developed in Minneapolis at Metropolitan State University. I spent a week in the Twin Cities working with the team to further develop the writing and imagery. This piece has a lot of potential and it tackles some complicated questions. I’m eager to see where it goes!

Three desperate desk workers struggle to meet the demands of the office space rat race. Can they climb the corporate ladder, or will they lose their footing and slip, rung by rung, to the depths of depravity? Navigating their way through the monotony of the workday, these everymen face stark questions about their goals, motivations, scruples, and camaraderie.

Overtime: Men At Work explores issues relating to workplace gender roles and capitalist exploitation, and themes of thwarted ambition, individuality, disillusionment, and the American Dream-Turned-Nightmare. It’s a surreal romp with familiar iconography, quirky comedy, and a troubling undercurrent of struggles facing the typical working stiff.

J Hanson