Towson University and CITD

I'm beyond excited to announce that I will be attending Towson University this fall in pursuit of my MFA in Theatre. Their program is an innovative synthesis of multi-disciplinary creation and it feels like a great fit for my background and goals. I cannot wait to learn, grow, and share. My work with the Margolis Method Center Int'l will continue in various ways and I'm equally excited about the upcoming developments of the organization with training programs in the US, Barcelona, and the Online Learning platform. In addition, a spectacular group of dedicated artists are flourishing with their focused training and I'm eager to see what creativity will spring from their work.

In addition to my studies at Towson, I was selected as the 2018-2020 CITD Fellow, and will work closely with the renowned Philip Arnoult in pursuit of the organization's incredible projects. It's an amazing opportunity and I cannot wait to dig in!